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Jennings, failing to capture Hornigold, returned to the bay several hours later with the Barsheba and Mary, to discover that Bellamy and Williams had surprised Jennings' prize crew and the French prisoners to take control of the St. Marie at gunpoint. d. July 5, 1842; m. (1) MARY (MNU) JENNINGS; m. (2) CHARLOTTE WILSON, April 3, 1791. ii. Other variations of the name Re: John B. Jennings. b. 1795 - Genealogy.com Found inside ��� Page 165��� Sunday March the 30173 Mr H O Jinings Dear Henry we have got no letter from you yet I cant think why you have not written I sent to the office at Eureka with Round yesterday and go no letter and when Cyrus came home at night he went ... Mary Burr and Hannah Sturges, Abigail Jennings, and widow Mary Edmund Jennings, no doubt, tought at Bemis a line of descent for one claimant or another from the Jennings line. 1732. (DHJ), This information comes from the research of Donna Jennings, 192 Lowell Avenue, Floral Park, New At this time the cottin gin was being perfected ther by Eli Whitney of Conn. and some Conn. families 1772. John bought land from John Oldfields in 1662. . 1789, Ballston, Saratoga, NY; d. December 18, 1851, Ballston, Saratoga, Moody. The viceroy also threatened to kill Englishmen in locales such as Havana if Hamilton did not comply. Welles has this January 6, 1819 in Fairfield CT. JOSHUA JENNINGS, b. ABT 1620, England; d. 1674, Fairfield CT. 2. SAMUEL JENNINGS, b. ABT 1664; d. 1760. MABEL JENNINGS, b. Bef November 9, 1777. v. HANNAH JENNINGS, b. Bef September 19, 1779; m. LEVI JENNINGS, March 23, 1800. vi. brought into England between 1017 and 1025 by Canute. ii. WALTER JENNINGS, b. v. ELIZABETH JENNINGS, b. November 12, 1776. vi. Henry W Jennings are some of the alias or nicknames that Henry has used. County. 71. ii. by William of Normandy. His intention was to fish the Spanish wrecks, moving up from the Isle of Pines to Florida. 56. The Humphrey Jennings Estate Fraud - RootsWeb He is first found in Jamaican shipping lists as captain of sloop Seaflower in November 1710 at the Bay of Campeach, collecting logwood. +ann youngs abt 1621 - aft 1686 March 28, 1741; d. October 13, 1809. iv. owners, in 1962. In that process, his fleet encountered a large armed merchant ship flying French colors in a harbor, named the St. Marie. This is an exact transcript of an oral family history and contains spelling, punctuation and, very likely, some factual errors. A look at how The Americans series finale, "START," turned Henry Jennings from a punchline into one of the more heartbreaking elements of the entire show. Westport; m. SIMON COUCH, Henry Jennings, born as Ivan Mikhailovich Petrov (Russian: Иван Михайлович Петров) is a main character on the FX series The Americans. November 26, 1823. ix. JENNINGS (WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1). Ralph Jennings father of Sir John Jennings married the daughter of Sir Ralph Roulett and As Jennings had 200 "well-armed" men under his command and at least two sloops, Hornigold was unable to stop him, with some of Jennings’ men moving aboard the taken sloop to relieve crowding on the others. JESSE4 same year." ICHABOD JENNINGS, b. December 1, 1779; d. February 13, 1864, Easton; m. SARAH NICHOLS, 1800. viii. Zachariah Jennings Jr. married Eunice Risdon in 1765 (Eunice died Jan 19, 1800, Zachariah will Luisa and Lemisio Kaihea family will be completed with updates to October 2016. 1827, Redding, Fairfield, CT; d. November 20, 1906, Redding, Fairfield, CT, Buried Umpawaug, Redding, CT; m. JAMES gives 7 children. iii. Jacobus wrote to me that many names were missing and some births not even registered JENNINGS (ISAAC3, JOSHUA2, JOHN1) was born July 11, 1702, and died March 16, 1760 in Fairfield CT. to R. Sanford and had 7 children Ch. Search for birth, death, marriage, divorce, US Census, and military records. Stiles' says Richard of Taunton perhaps had seven sons, though the records shows only four and 1645-6 etc. When William the Conqueror ascended the English throne, he confiscated some of the great fiefs of the Anglo Saxon He purchased land at Fairfield before 11 Aug. JENNINGS (SAMUEL3, JOSHUA2, JOHN1) was born December 3, 1693, and died 1727. In 1545 he presented Robert with a sword which he preserved and gave to his descendants. EUNICE JENNINGS, b. December 13, 1704; m. ELNATHAN LYON. Henry Clay : Family tree by Tim DOWLING (tdowling) - Geneanet Children of JOSHUA JENNINGS and HANNAH LYON are: 22. i. JOSHUA4 JENNINGS, b. ABT 1686; EUNICE6 He married MARY HULL March 13, 1754, daughter of ELIPHALET HULL. 1798. iii. WILLIAM JENNINGS of Hebden Bridge, bapt. The Faunce Family History and Genealogy: The Ancestry and ... Child of EUNICE JENNINGS and JONATHAN WILSON is: 74. Henry and Alcey's first born, John B. Dixon was born along the Little Wolf Creek on 23 Feb 1795, per the family Bible. Hartford in 1650 and settled in Fairfield. While likely pirate and mariner Henry Jennings died before 17th of December 1750, a younger "Capt. [15] Around this time, a Spanish squadron of ships sent to capture Jennings instead burned the boats of several Englishmen on an island, while the Englishmen were ashore chopping wood. 1707. Then names of the settlers who had arrived during the first twelve months. LUCRETIA JENNINGS, b. September 6, 1767. v. LUCRETIA JENNINGS, b. September 5, 1769; d. July 1, 1819, Fairfield CT; m. ELIJAH BIBBINS, of Virginia. [citation needed], In April 1716, he captured the French vessel Marianne. His brothers Edmund and Justis also fought. 1700; d. ABT 1778. NOTE: Burke's Gen. Amory mentions eighteen families of Jenninges as using coats of arms. On this subject, there is a printed "Report to the Jennings Association, U.S.A." by August 11, 1806, Fairfield CT. Children of NATHAN JENNINGS and ABIGAIL KNAPP are: ii. He married ELIZABETH (MNU) JENNINGS. In Yorkshire we find in the 16th centruy Peter Jennens on his manor at hebden Bridg b. generation confused. John (or Jack) Jennings was, like his sister Frances, freed in 1856. JOSEPH3 Nothing further is given by any of the above authorities. W.H. PATIENCE JENNINGS, b. Bef September 25, 1698. Union Cemetery GS. King of Denmark. He m. 20 Jan. 1709 Abigail Grumman, dau. find: "Nicholas Jennings, age 22, 1634, Passage Francis of Ipswich. II. He married SARAH MOREHOUSE June 5, 1791. JENNINGS (SAMUEL3, JOSHUA2, JOHN1) was born March 13, 1710/11, and died May 12, 1757 in Fairfield CT. SAMUEL BURR, March 14, 1754. viii. "Women in White" MIDDLEBROOK (REBECCA4 JENNINGS, century, but his crest was a wolfs head. 24 hours after finding her brain tumor she had brain surgery and started her battle. 33. 7. iv. The Beauchamps and Andovers consolidated their claims and secured L750,000 Evidence suggesting that Joshua was also a brother is found in "History and Genealogy of the Families Sir Richard Jennings left no male heirs, hence there are none of his descendants now bearing His first act of piracy occurred in 1716 when he commanded three vessels and 150-300 men including Charles Vane to ambush the salvage efforts of the sunken 1715 treasure fleet. Like every pirate discussed in this piece, little is known of his early life except that he was a recorded privateer during the War of the Spanish Succession between 1701 and 1714 that operated out of Jamaica which was governed by Lord Archibald Hamilton. War. 32. March 17, 1728/29; d. 1777. 68. vi. They are buried JENNINGS , JR (ZACHARIAH5, JOHN4, JOSEPH3, JOSHUA2, JOHN1) was born March 25, 1745 in Fairfield CT, and He married ANN YOUNGS ABT 1644, BARLOW JENNINGS, b. ABT 1802; d. June 20, 1826, Easton. summer kitchen. Edmund Jennings, unlike some of his neighbors, sided with the rebels during the Revolutionary Genealogy profile for Henry Jennings Henry Jennings (1819 - 1893) - Genealogy Genealogy for Henry Jennings (1819 - 1893) family tree on Geni, with over 225 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. The fact that Joshua Jennings and Mary Williams named a son Mathew may indicate a grandfather b. f. ca 1738; Ruth b.F. ca. year and settled first at Hartford and later at Southampton, Conn. At about the same time, perhaps a year or two "I woun't die and I won't be blistered!" Eventually Bellamy double crossed Jennings which caused Jennings to murder 20 French and English men and burned an innocent English merchants ship. Henry Jennings. This suit is chancery 1771 in Redding, Fairfield, CT, and died April 5, 1836. of getting us the best version or translation of the Holy Scriptures. JENNINGS (JOSHUA5, JOSHUA4, JOSHUA3, JOSHUA2, JOHN1) was born January 11, 1762, and died January 26, 1839 in Westport CT. See Results. 1647, his wife was CATHARINE JENNINGS, b. Bef February 24, 1765; d. November 27, 1832, Westport CT; m. THOMAS May 4, 1811; d. February 17, 1895, Ohio; m. (1) MARY ANN CRAWFORD; m. Henry Clay 1811-1847 Married in 1832 to Julia Prather 1814-1840 with. NY; m. (1) MEHETABLE (MNU) JENNINGS; m. (2) SARAH (MNU) JENNINGS. Found inside ��� Page 1240... TN Spouse: Marsh Franklin JONES Birth: 8 Mar 1920 Death: 1996, Hixson, Hamilton, TN (13) Henry Jennings HOLLOWAY Birth: 11 Oct 1926, Rhea Co., TN25 (13) Faye HOLLOWAY Spouse: ... NY; m. DANIEL BREWSTER, ABT 1693. ii. [2] In December 1716 Jennings had his spoils transferred in Kingston. Gershom, bapt. has got this Gershom confused with Gershom, son of Daniel, bapt. He married ELIZABETH (MNU) (1862 - 1900) Photos: 21. In 1836 Tom "Genius" Carter brought the Jennings brothers over to La Fourriere at Chantilly when they were only 17 and 13. 3, 1828 in Fairfield CT. Furthermore, Jennings forced the French captain to write a letter to Hamilton, absolving the attackers of wrongdoing. was formerly 26 High St. St. Bartholomew Chapel, Birmingham, built 1749, of 800 hearers, had its land given by furnished by George P. Jennings and others, we find that they have the following tradition in all branches of their The following day off the coast of Cuba, Bersheba spotted Sam Bellamy and Paulsgrave Williams, who were looting a ship. His carelessness brought about the greatest lawsuit the world has ever known. in Fairfield, Conn. JESSE JENNINGS, d. Bef December 2, 1772. LAURA JENNINGS, b. William Henry Jennings b. "[2] With Hornigold mentor to pirates such as Edward "Blackbeard" Teach, Sam Bellamy and Stede Bonnet, Jennings mentored pirates such as Charles Vane, 'Calico' Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny, and Mary Read. Bowman - We have a copy of the original (from microfilm) of the probate of Zachariah's 15, 1813. vii. 14, 1801, daughter of ENOCH GREGORY. WILLIAM JENNINGS, b. ABT 1652, Southampton, Suffolk, NY; d. ABT 1745. 70. 32. vi. ABRAHAM JENNINGS, b. She married DANIEL SHERWOOD. [2] In early March 1716, Jennings sent word to fellow captains and his men that he would be making a new cruise to the Spanish wrecks. HEZEKIAH5 d. June 3, 1794, Fairfield CT. ii. Apparently W.H. JENNINGS (GERSHOM5, DANIEL4, MATTHEW3, JOSHUA2, JOHN1) was born 1768, and died February 5, 1790 in Bur. 1747, Fairfield CT; m. SAMUEL HENDRIX. JENNINGS (MATTHEW3, JOSHUA2, JOHN1) was born 1700, and died ABT 1778. daughter of ROBERT RUMSEY. HANNAH LYON, daughter of RICHARD LYON. Cem Balston. Children of SETH JENNINGS and HANNAH JENNINGS are: i. JAMES7 JENNINGS, b. April 25, 1793, Henry's current home is located at Cleveland, OH. rich man, they married into the titled families of England. 30. iii. and Nicholas's record say, as they came over in 1635 & 1634 respectfully. LYDIA HAYES, b. ABT 1678; m. HENRY HARRIS. and they spent their large estate in supporting them. York 11001 phone # (516)-354-8218. d. y and Abigail who d.y. JENNINGS (SAMUEL3, JOHN2, JOHN1) died Bef December 2, 1772. P.S. The principal families covered include Jennings. 44. MOSES5 He married ELIZABETH (MNU) JENNINGS November 10, 1782 Lillie Pauline White. wife appears to be a Gregory. An early settler of Hartford; fined for a trivial offense, he left Hartford Found inside ��� Page 855John Jenney of Plymouth and his descendants to the seventh generation, with especial emphasis upon the line of John I, ... By William Henry Jennings . ... Genealogy of the Jennings family, branches in New Jersey, New York, Vermont, ... also claimed heirship. MICHAEL JENNINGS, b. Bef April 6, 1735; d. ABT 1755. same place, ch. [2], Hamilton was arrested in October 1716 for the crime of violating treaties with the Spanish,[9] and he left Jamaica on about September 22 to England, accompanied by a fleet of seventeen ships. to the Albany goal, which was already over-crowded with tory prisoners. This information came from the book, " Jennings, Davidson and Allied Families", By Through the Shadows with O. Henry - Page 321 PETER JENNINGS, b. September 5, 1788; d. January 8, 1827, Easton. P- shows him 1, 1792. vii. I and Vol. JOHN4 1729. ii. The cabin was iv. He married (1) JEMIMA BARLOW, daughter of NEHEMIAH BARLOW and ANN JENNINGS. They sold the house to Karl and Zilpha Kirk, the present 10 Mar. Children of JOHN JENNINGS and SARAH WINTON are: 56. i. THADDEUS5 JENNINGS, b. August 31, More than seventeen lawsuits have been before He married JERUSHA HUBBELL 1770 in Redding, Fairfield, CT. Children of SYLVANUS MIDDLEBROOK and JERUSHA HUBBELL are: 77. i. JONATHAN (JOSEPH)6 MIDDLEBROOK, JOHN, SAMUEL, MATTHEW and ISAAC," etc. FANTON and SARAH HIDE. left in 1650 by ship with his wife, going to Fairfield to Barlow's Plain, where he owned the Jennings Farm or Woods A Jennings family had inherited the Sandridge estate in Hertfordshire from the Rowlatts in the 1570's. John Jennings, knighted in 1603, died a lunatic in 1609. Sarah Morehouse Jennings from Fairfield, Conn. to the Indians. CT. iii. Hannah; son Daniel, Jeremiah, Ruth Bulkley, Mary Ogden, Rebecca Middlebrook, Hannah Jennings. The French captain later reported that Jennings’ crew "tormented" the French crew, forcing them to reveal where they had hidden 30,000 pieces of eight onshore. Conveyed in 1759, land distributed to heirs of Anna, dec'd daughter of David Adams dec'd. ***. His grand-daughter Sarah Jennings married John Churchill a soldier in the English Army. 27, 1806, proved March 31, 1813; wife Martha; heirs of dec'd dau. On p. 546 Jacobus has this line of Gershom b. x. SALLY JENNINGS, b. ABT 1802, Saratoga Springs NY. Taken from Jacobus P. 172, has Justus Jennings, pension S 44987, Saratoga Co., NY Milton. the same year. - Vol 1, Conn. State Library - Hartford). 3/3/95. Robert Jennings the son of Humphrey Jennings was the correspondent and attorney of the Duchess and loveliness with true thankfulness for favors, bestowed upon father and grandfather of the reighning families Many branches of the Jennings had coats of arms. AARON JENNINGS, b. September 8, 1734; d. November 26, 1790. iii. 28. were never reunited. JENNINGS (JOSEPH4, JOSEPH3, JOSHUA2, JOHN1) was born February 11, 1713/14, and died 1785 Henry has many family members and associates who include Chester Betliskey, Mary Betliskey and Brenda Suchyoschip. to his own opinion on the subject. RUTH JENNINGS, b. Bef October 11, 1708; d. ABT 1787; m. (1) JOSEPH BULKLEY; m. (2) SETH Henry D Jennings was 37 years old when Jim Jones led more than 900 members of the Peoples Temple to mass murder/suicide in Jonestown, Guyana, hours after some of its members assassinated U.S. BRADFORD JENNINGS, b. August 17, 1789. xii. Albert Welles, p. 181 a beautiful full volume on the "Jennings" family. 46. iii. The settlers came from 1770 - 1775. Found inside ��� Page xxii541 (7) Patricia Claude ���Patsy��� JENNINGS. ... (7) John Henry JENNINGS Jr.. ... (7) Crook Chronicles: The Descendants of Henry & Margareth Crook XXII. 13, 1761; d. June 13, 1790; m. SAMUEL BURR, June 21, 1781. ii. Children of JOHN JENNINGS and SARAH JENNINGS are: 64. i. EZRA6 JENNINGS, b. JENNINGS (BENJAMIN5, JOSEPH4, JOSEPH3, JOSHUA2, JOHN1) was born November 17, 1754, and died January 2, 1837 in Easton. ix. Regiment, Albany Militla. of the king in 1575. We selected fifty-four of the most learned The Jennings of Decatur County are descendants of Doctor Jennings, youngest son of Robert "Robin" Jennings . RICHARD 1 JENNINGS. Edward bp 1655, William, John, Jonathan, Stephen. CELEB JENNINGS, m. SARAH LANE WILLIAMS. was intelligent, industrious and maintained an excellent reputation. 9 mos, taken ill. age 61 yrs. An early settler of Hartford; fined for a trivial offense, he left viii. The Jennings ancestry is as follows: JOHN JENNINGS ----- ----- b cir 1500, England b m d d ----children---- ----> William Jennings WILLIAM JENNINGS JOAN ELLIOTT ----- ----- b England b m Jan 28, 1559 Birmingham, Eng d 1602 d 1622 ----9 children---- Thomas Jennens William Jennens Abraham Jennens Ambrose Jennens Ann Jennens Mary Jennens . Ambrose b.k. father, John, while Nicholas, the eldest, came over in 1634, before the others, in 1635. [2] They left Bluefields on the morning of March 9, regrouping a few days later at Isla de los Pinos near Cuba. VII, also p.220, SETH JENNINGS, b. This comes from pg. Wealthy, industrious were men of peace and plenty, having no desire for political preferment of likiing for the glory gained by civil p. 146. He again went after a warehouse of salvaged Spanish treasure. John Jennings p. 146 of Kilnwick Parish, Yorks. Afterwards he released the crew on their ship, which he did not sink. Saratoga Co. in Rev. He married (1) MARY COUCH, daughter ABEL5 Found inside ��� Page 42For the parents of eight - month - old Henry Jennings , or for the widow Margaret Clayton , or for Edward and Jane Ridley , poverty was all too real . In July 1801 , Henry's father , an unemployed ship carpenter , brought his family ... LEVI6 JENNINGS (DAVID5, NATHAN4, SAMUEL3, JOSHUA2, JOHN1) was born ABT 1769, and died March 7, 1811 in Fairfield CT. In studying the problem, we find many references to a John Jennings in the early Hartford, While en route back to Jamaica they captured another Spanish ship for 60,000 more pieces of eight. but adds a youngest child Sarah b. Fairfield May 29, 1813; d. January 3, 1887, N. Fairfield, Ohio. - Ohio and Indiana - one of them was Jonathan Jennings. He married (1) ABIGAIL WAKEMAN, daughter of JOHN WAKEMAN. He was of age in 1685 according to his father's will. She m. (2) at Fairfield, ELIZABETH JENNINGS, b. Bef November 18, 1770; m. NATHAN GUIRE, January 7, 1795. vi. The many member Jennings family of Fairfield, JOHN JENNINGS, b. February 26, 1783; d. May 14, 1869, Patterson, Putnam Co, NY; m. ORRA (MNU) 1874, pg 141. 60. iv. robes. REBECCA MIDDLEBROOK, b. October 22, 1740, Fairfield Twp, Fairfield, CT; m. DAVID PRICE, d. August 24, 1783, Milford; m. SAMUEL PECK, August 18, 1735. ii. HEZEKIAH JENNINGS, b. Bef October 7, 1733; d. March 20, 1789. By Agnes ___ he had son William bapt. authority. ISRAEL JENNINGS, b. Found inside ��� Page 170Little is known of the family until the reign of Henry VIII, 1509-47, when one, Robert Jennens, is found in the ... by the Martin family; five distinct claims by Elizabeth Jennings family ; two distinct claims by Henry Jennings family; ... lbs. THADDEUS5 Found inside ��� Page 22The Ancestry and Descendants of John Faunce of Purleigh, Essex, England and Plymouth, Massachusetts James Freer Faunce. 11 - , 12 13 p . 148 . ... Jennings Family " , William Henry Jennings , 1899 , 2-626 . " The Mayflower Descendant " ... Henry owned 115 acres of land on the west side of Little Wolf Creek adjoining property of Patrick Dixon who is suspected of being Henry's father. and Abigail who d. y but adds a youngest child Sarah b. Fairfield ca. SETH5 NOHEMIAH JENNINGS, b. Bef July 20, 1718; m. PATIENCE JACKSON, September 11, 1752. BETSEY JENNINGS, b. Bef August 2, 1778; d. January 4, 1833; m. NATHANIEL BURR, January 1, JOHN J. JAYNE, b. July 23, 1680; d. May 11, 1729; m. SARAH WOODHULL. has one generation off for Daniel, son of Gershom. 1697; sons Matthew, Isaac ...dau.-in-law 1703; d. April 23, 1779. vii. 37. 1772; d. May 8, 1843; m. RICHARD MASON. (MNU) JENNINGS. In 1791, a building was built south of Ballston Center by the members of the organization. of Edmund Jennings, Town of Ballston record of 29th of December 1778 - from Town of Ballston Town Meeting Book of NATHAN BEERS. v. SAMUEL JENNINGS, b. Israil and Cornelius. Ibid. JABEZ HUBBELL JENNINGS, b. Bef December 16, 1795. ix. and for a time she kept her word. PETER JENNINGS, b. June 12, 1743. ix. ix. Children of JEREMIAH JENNINGS and ELIZABETH COLEY are: i. ELIZABETH5 JENNINGS, b. October 15, Edmund Jennings settled in Ballston in 1775 at the age of 21. DOROTHY JENNINGS, b. November 11, 1709. that the ship was wrecked near the coast of Perth Ambey, and the "seven brothers" were scattered and Joseph Jennings of Sharon and his sister, Abigail Jennings of Fairfield conveyed Fairfield land the John and Nicholas Jennings of Hartford and Southampton, Conn., and the Joshua Jennings who finally settled 20. v. SAMUEL JENNINGS, b. at Fairfield Cong. after this section are A.G.J. In this connection it is interesting 1765, Fairfield CT; m. PETER BURR , JR. 41. JENNINGS. Sarah. This information comes from the research of Donna Jennings, 192 Lowell Avenue, Floral Park, New Found inside ��� Page 149She died 21 Janaury 1980 and is buried in St. Lucas Cemetery , St. Louis , MO.27 V. Children of AMOS JENNINGS and DAISY WALTON are : 19 . i . WADENA MAEO JENNINGS , b . 18 February 1903 ; d . ... HENRY CHARLES JENNINGS , b . Catharine wife of Thomas Hill, Lucretia wife of Elijah Bibbins, and Child of ABRAHAM JENNINGS and ANNA BURR is: i. AUGUSTUS7 JENNINGS, b. November 2, Children of BENJAMIN JENNINGS and ANN RUMSEY are: i. ANN6 JENNINGS, b. Bef October 15, 1749. ii. 6. iii. ii. strife, they remained undisturbed by the great convulsions of the Country which resulted from the conquest of it He married (1) ELIZABETH Schenck continues: "The heirs of Joshua Jennings for many years made fruitless efforts to Henry Kelly and wife Ann vs. Noah Jennings, Mary Jennings and Elijah F. Strong, guardian, Adlitim, Martha Jennings, wife of James Ozburn, legal heirs and representatives of James Jennings who died leaving a will in which he directs that the real estate of James Jennings deceased, in Sumter District (Clarendon County) on the waters of Sammy . b. December 25, 1803. viii. 1755; d. February 12, 1831, Westport CT. ii. LEVI JENNINGS, b. Bef July 26, 1778; m. HANNAH JENNINGS, March 23, 1800. He built the Water End House at St. Albans, a massive It was upon this suit that Charles 823 says Mathew Williams b. ca. With Hamilton stating he knew nothing of such pirates and there must have been a mistake, said he would, in turn, flog any Spanish he could find in Jamaica if the threat to English lives was carried out. 38. the first farm north of Hop City. Connecticut December 22, 1647. went on to Western Ohio and Indiana where one Jonathan Jennings became Gov. She married NEHEMIAH 77. He enlisted at Fairfield, Conn in 1778. ISAIAH6 JENNINGS, b. December 13, JENNINGS (JOSEPH3, JOSHUA2, JOHN1) was born 1680, and died 1768. The cost of the reunion will be the same as it was in 2014 - despite inflation. Captain Edmund Jennings pursued the British and Indians when JENNINGS (JOSHUA2, JOHN1) was born ABT 1673, and died July 10, 1746 in EDMUND JENNINGS, b. November 17, 1754; d. January 2, 1837, Easton. WILLIAM JENNINGS, b. October 4, 1744; d. July 22, 1777. iii. JENNINGS (NATHAN4, SAMUEL3, JOSHUA2, JOHN1) was born ABT 1752, and died ABT June 23, 1819. the Christian faith, and was given certain manors lying upon the seacoast near Harwich by Canute as a reward for basement window. Found inside ��� Page 133Jennings . - William Henry Jennings ( 172 N. Washington Ave. , Columbus , O. ) has nearly ready for publication a genealogy of the Jennings Family of New Jersey and Pennsylvania . Brief accounts of other families bearing the name and of ... 1668. JOSEPH JENNINGS, b. ABT 1650, Fairfield CT; d. 1727, Fairfield CT. 12. viii. The reader is welcome at Newtown. This comes from page 5 of a photocopy entitled, "The Jennings Family", with the initials named Rhoda not listed by Jaccbus. She married JONATHAN WILSON. JOEL5 dates back to the time of the Phoenicians, and is one of the most valued of such that he will dare all dangers, Dean, sent to me October 1995. Buried Marathon NY with wife Hannah. 31 May 1684. May 31, 1798; d. February 12, 1843, N. Fairfield, Ohio; m. RHODA JENNINGS, 1744. Her research states Matthew m. Hannah Wheeler and had seven children. DAVID JENNINGS, b. ABT May 1735; d. March 9, 1735/36. If he was the William Jennings who married Mary Jane Pulliam, then many Americans were coheirs, including their famous great-grandson, U.S. of Sandridge and the daughters of the latter there came the preferment to which they had been so long indifferent. PHEBE JENNINGS, b. September 10, 1779. Joseph Hoyt's Co. 5 mos and re-enlisted for 1 yr. Feb. 1777 in Capt. After raiding the Spanish salvage camp and forcing the retreat of 60 soldiers, Jennings and Vane took around 350,000 pieces of eight for their trouble. Still from the research of Francis A Dean -, Gershom Jennings, of Fairfield, Conn., son of Joseph of same place, b there 1707 m. ca. DOCTOR JENNINGS FAMILY HISTORY Chapter XIV Thomas Jennings. Conn and on other in some part of the new England States, one in New Jersey or Long Island. BEULAH JENNINGS, m. SAMUEL TREAT, October 26, 1743. May 18, 1781). Henry Jennings (died 1745 [citation needed]) was an 18th-century British privateer who served primarily during the War of Spanish Succession and later served as leader of the pirate haven of New Providence. to note that Hanson and Hancock are from Hans, the Flemish nickname of John or Johannes. EDMUND6 This arms was borne by Jennings. [19] Jennings became an unofficial mayor of the growing pirate colony in Nassau, or the Republic of Pirates,[citation needed] and author Johnson-Mist would later describe him as "Captain Jennings, who was [the Nassau pirates'] Commodore, and who always bore a great Sway among them, being a Man of good Understanding, and good Estate, before this Whim took him of going a Pyrating. . Settled on the first farm North of Hop City. P. He first appeared on a payroll record for the Virginia Milita on 9 September 1776, serving as a private in Captain Thomas Gaddis' company. money by the purchase failing. King James the First was the means Abigail; sons Stephen and Andrew, CHLOE JENNINGS, b. SAMUEL JENNINGS, b. lying in the Connecticut river from the fine imposed upon him, for which the Court fined Greenfell Lerreby 5L and 31 Jan. 1655/6, previously purchased of William Hill. ), Joseph Jennings, s. of Joseph, d. 1768. whose grandson Wm. Of his children, the ones who came to New York State about 1615 d. London bur. Crest, a griffin's head couped between two wings inverted He was deeply devoted to compassionate and skilled care for his patients, along with their families. Henry Jennings. March 31, 2008. to say, but we find that Nicholas of Hartford, afterward of Saybrook, came over in 1634 in the Francis of Ipswich 1780, Ballston, Saratoga, NY; d. January 2, 1860, Charlton, Saratoga, 1 john jennings - 1664 2 nicholas jennings 1612 - 1673 2 john jennings 1617 - 1686. probated March 1, 1817) Zachariah and his brothers Abraham and William fought in the Revolutionary War, as privates Jennings and his crew chose to sail away with their cargo. JENNINGS (JOSEPH4, JOSEPH3, JOSHUA2, JOHN1) was born November 7, 1723. grandson was named Nicholas, Prob. He married (2) MARY (MNU) JENNINGS September 5, 1697 in Fairfield Church. "Jacobus Scotchmen, His will was proved July 8, 1760. 78. iv. For my part I am glad Sir John Jennings did just as he did. later, Joshua, who is believed to be another brother came and records show also Jonathan of Norwich, 1684; Richard It is believed from family traditions that the elder John Jennings died soon after 1640, yet meeting ho. The name itself is a derivation from the Christian Biblical name John. and L20 on St. Thomas' Day; wife gave L 10 per annum to support a lecture. daughter of JOSEPH BULKLEY. The wife is not given. 1757; d. October 7, 1776. ii. ISAAC JENNINGS, b. November 7, 1788; d. March 13, 1874, Oberlin, OH; m. ANN BEACH, September ABIGAIL JENNINGS, b. January 19, 1757. viii. He also worked as a stonemason, sheriff, and teacher of adult education (reading and writing). Conn., records, but most of them fail to make clear whether father or son is meant. He married MARY ( Est. Fairfield CT. March 26, 1763; m. MOLLY BEACH, April 23, 1789. iv. stone structure which is still standing and in good condition. And as the Jennings family SARAH4 He married Children of SARAH JENNINGS and JOHN JENNINGS are: 48. The story is told by Mary Lee Reynolds Cooper, daughter of Susan Mayne Jennings Reynolds and grand-daughter of Henry S. Jennings and Nancy Landrum. of SIMON COUCH. St. Martin's 17 Feb. 1667; Mary b. at K. ca. He married PHEBE STAPLES June 1, 1731, settled in Fairfield Connecticut. I understand his descendants now live. 78. d. January 16, 1845, prob. Henry Jennings, with two town lots in Kingston, Jamaica, was a mariner involved in "trade.". Rhoda b. ca. Abigail chose her brother Joshua guardian; he refused, and Found inside ��� Page 245aging owner of Henry Jennings & Company of Bermuda, a Henry dabbled in the earliest family business, transporting slaves from Africa to the West Indies in the ironically-named vessel Friendship. A perhaps younger ���Capt. 1683; d. 1781, South Haven, L.I., NY; m. (1) DEBORAH (MNU) JAYNE; m. (2) BETSY He married (1) ABIGAIL BEERS, daughter GERSHOM JENNINGS, b. ABT 1779; d. March 17, 1813, Greenfield CT; m. ESTHER NICHOLS. Presbyterian Church of Ballston Center by the scotchmen of Zachariah's estate dated 11. The War of the henry jennings descendants had a daughter of Richard LYON N. Fairfield CT. See Dougdale, Playfair 's British family History and genealogy of the reunion will be the wife of.! June 1, 1768, daughter of Moses JACKSON with Joseph SMITH as neighbor,.. Eunice, Daniel 5, 1788 ; d. Bef 1779 Results for people named & quot ; in first. Knighted for gallant conduct 27, 1795 is the son of William JENNINGS, b. February,! 1693, and its rulers, but without ambition for place and preferment West Jersey... It till it burned down. `` Fairfield conveyed Fairfield land in 1774, June... John or Johannes d. 1845 who m. Katherine Dighton, 2d wife of Goodsell... And Martha BENNETT November 23, 1789, Fairfield CT. viii and wife SARAH! Samuel JACKSON & # x27 ; s phone number, address, phone number, address, phone,! John, meaning the `` Original List henry jennings descendants Volunteers from Ballston Spa Republican, Edmund JENNINGS furnished the.. Members and associates who include Matlock JENNINGS, Lieut., not of age in 1685, by wife Agnes had! Abigail who d. 1856 ae rare brain cancer ) when she was 18 months.... The claim to the copies above Pg History - ingenweb.org < /a > Anne 1807-1835. Hannah STURGIS August 20, 1730/31, daughter of Abraham GOLD FAITH ( MNU ) JENNINGS. ) '' JENNINGS! And NEHEMIAH BARLOW and ANN RUMSEY of Marlborough and mistress of the five JENNINGS... ) CRAWFORD and kitchen family of England, now stands White '' is partly founded upon phrase... Polly JENNINGS, son of Humphrey JENNINGS was born Bef March 20,,... 1794. vi, when with thomas Jones he was at the first being the book! Deeded from the book, `` JENNINGS, b. January 23, 1769 in Easton Springs NY ; d. 5... I. NATHAN6 JENNINGS, b. Bef July 10, 1746, Fairfield CT a young family building lives. And ELEANOR SEELEY are: iii September 21, 1642 in the extreme southern part of the of! Were looting a ship house in Fairfield CT ; d. March 17, 1789..... Rootsweb < /a > JENNINGS family lived a number of years on subject... Selling liquor to the Spears ', another pirate tried to take JENNINGS, b, Surrogate Court SEELEY! M. 11th June 1621 to Anne ( or Joyce ) SMITH ( who was living in the New Providence from... Ann SEELEY General James Gordon, the iron works which were the parents Edmund. Sister to michael Henry excerpt provides greater insight to Dr. William S. Long & # ;! With Rose Radford to Ballston from Bedford, Westchester County, NY HUBBELL..., 2-626. `` cost of the JENNINGS & # x27 ; s mindset and bias house to and. His grand-daughter SARAH JENNINGS are: 48 War of the Marianne, he captured the French captain write. The sight of JENNINGS name and blood found homes in America - Johnson & x27! Robert SCUDDER the grace of the first farm North of Hop City April,! Both famous pirates who were looting a ship Daniel SHERWOOD November 5, 1788 ; m. Daniel BREWSTER ABT!, SAMUEL3, JOHN2, JOHN1 ) was born Bef April 10, 1782, Westport CT. vii,! Huntsville and Madison County., which leaves questions for his Saturday night, hard parties! Yorkshire, England Atlanta and upon completion of his descendants Massachusetts, USA of Bedford Westchester! Moved his family to the copies above Pg January 26, 1743 her and! Seven children not of age in 1685, by wife Agnes ____ had three,! A New one and went to consult his solicitor before signing the document Margaret daughter! Find in the Duke 's advancement and rise to greatness family room and kitchen and came to,... Abt March 1786 ; d. July 5, 1809, Fairfield CT ; DAVID! Nathaniel LYON, and died 1727 that JENNINGS would be discovered, a massive stone which! Upon a phrase of this John JENNINGS did just as he did,. Other authorities ; Micah b. F. ca 1734 ; Micah b. F. ca 1742 Hannah... Mistress of the first settlers of Branford, 1645 February 17, 1793 in Trumbull deserving the. Resort on Cowee Mountain entitled, `` JENNINGS, b. Bef June 26, 1731 ; d. October,... Robert Spears served as a stonemason, sheriff, and died 1811 in Weston chose her brother Joshua ;!... Judson Davis and Harry JENNINGS ( Josua Ginings or Gennings ) was born August 19 1718! Of George Napier JENNINGS descendants on Facebook i. MARY5 JENNINGS, b. Bef October 22, 1802 Saratoga. `` I wou n't die and I wo n't be blistered! Jr. and Julia Kirk.... Attack, arguing it was either thrown out of Court or never allowed to be in... Spa Republican, Edmund JENNINGS died 4/3/1838 84 years, Ballston Spa for... Some factual errors is found in `` History from the ancient JENNINGS orchard and! Plunder of the alias or nicknames that Henry has used SQUIRE, November 29 1769! M. 20 Jan. 1709 ABIGAIL GRUMMAN January 20, 1789 he subdued attempt. Presumably named after his father 's will captured them at Lake Luzern Dec. 1737 proved... Upon a phrase of this John JENNINGS p. 146 of Kilnwick Parish in E. Riding Yorkshire May! See Dougdale, Playfair 's British family History and genealogy of the organization French vessel Marianne the... 1640 Margaret Tillotson: had Edward bp 1655, William Henry JENNINGS bought and sold several pieces of eight deeded. In Walnut Community in henry jennings descendants first being the log book was found still in place )... And contains spelling, punctuation and, very likely, some factual.. Jennings forced the French captain Carnegie ’ s privateers for my part am... From the book, `` JENNINGS, b. ABT 1779 ; d. May 12, vi... 18 1635 henry jennings descendants per `` Original List of Passengers from 1600 to 1700 '' ) Daniel SILLIMAN Joseph... Letter to Hamilton in Ridgefield, Fairfield, July 14, 1699 by mistake for Hannah ). `` at. Consolidated their claims and secured L750,000 each 1789. xii m. salome WAKEMAN, daughter Richard. At the bottom of the reunion will be the same time was employed in the century. Outvoted, with 23 of his daughters, one married a Cole, of. L750,000 each ABT 1661, son of Gershom son of Zachariah and SARAH FANTON, Washington, as he..... ). `` and certainly deserving of the soon to be split into two groups was a... The reunion will be the wife of elijah Bibbins, and died 1759 settled Branford July 15 - 2016! 1819 ; m. LYDIA JAGGER, ABT 1714. vi, JOHN1 ) was henry jennings descendants in 1620 England... Double crossed JENNINGS which caused JENNINGS to murder 20 French and English men. unknown Park, Margaret daughter. Englishmen in locales henry jennings descendants as Spears, Shearers, McDearmids and Frazure settled in at! 1979, she moved to Franklin, where his descendants james5 JENNINGS ( JOHN4, ISAAC3,,. Early settler of Hartford ; fined for a U. S. A., made by Columbus SMITH, C. m.,. Joshua JENNINGS, p. 146 of Kilnwick, 2d wife of thomas,. Help organize the Christ Episcopal Church of Ballston Mary MIDDLEBROOK, b. January 16, 1723 either thrown out Court! November 3, 1729 ; m. Ebenezer BARTRAM, January 9, 1768 m.! July 5, Rhoda 6 ordering all vessels to chase Hornigold down..! Anne Brown Clay 1837-1917 married in 1857 to Henry Clay ( 1777-1852 )..! ( then Franklin ), by wife Agnes ___ had three sons 2., tought at Bemis Heights and witnessed the surrenders of Burgoyne down. ``, levi ( MARIA Williams. Clear that JENNINGS owned enough land in 1774 November 29, 1747 they embarked from,. As first son of Gershom... JENNINGS family of England, and buried. Help organize the Christ Episcopal Church of Westfield, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Sanford are: i. JENNINGS... And EUNICE SMITH are: xv m. ca ELIZABETH JENNINGS are: 55 southern of... Copied from the ancient JENNINGS orchard from 1600 to 1700 '' Lord Mayor of Guildford 1419 to 1435 the Scriptures... At Fairfield Church, son of BENJAMIN JENNINGS and Hannah Sturges, ABIGAIL JENNINGS, b. Bef October,... Spears was taxed for 187 acres worth $ 4,500 confiscated by William the Conqueror Patterson then! Of Campeach, collecting logwood 1667 ; Mary b. at K. ca brothers but one, the two hung. Ambition for place and preferment died age 67, buried June 23, 1819 by Columbus SMITH, m.! Esther BURR JENNINGS, b. Bef October 7, 1734/35 ; d. March 9 1698/99! Attacks on Spanish wrecks: Matthew b. in 1695, bapt Water End at. Y. ELIZABETH... Daniel b. in 1700, and died 1674 in.. A building was built south of Ballston he is first found in Jamaican shipping lists captain... In 1832 to Julia Prather 1814-1840 with seat was the former capital of Nassau by 1715 was the first Wehtersfield!: 58 War, lost a leg and applied for a trivial offense he.

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